Get Ready To Live The Next Gen Life With Wipro Home Automation

Get Ready To Live The Next Gen Life With Wipro Home Automation

Do you remember those days when we dreamt of opening a door just by saying ‘Open sesame’? What seemed to be like a magical dream then has turned out to be a reality today. And it’s called ‘Smart Living’.

Driven by the passion to develop futuristic inventions, Wipro’s Z-Nxt Home Automation Solution takes ‘Smart Living’ to a different level to create spaces that reflect ultimate luxury, safety and security.

Here’s how switching to ‘Smart Living’ will transform your life;

1. Your Home At Your Finger Tips –

No matter where you are, your home is just a click away. Imagine you’re out for an urgent meeting and suddenly realise that you have forgotten to switch off the geyser. Panicked, right? Well, thanks to your intelligent home of the future, all you need to do is to open the home automation app on your phone, switch off the geyser and go for the meeting. Feels good, doesn’t it?

It’s not just the geyser, but you can control the lights, air conditioning system, entertainment system and almost every electronic appliance at your home with just a click on your phone.

2. Safety & Security, No More A Concern –

At home or away, leave your worries about the safety of your home and family to a security system that’s extremely quick, alert, reliable and active 24/7. Equipped with various types of sensors like motion, smoke and fire, your intelligent home gives an update about every suspicious activity or movement, enabling you to take the required action, right in time.

The best part of its unique surveillance system is that you can view the live streaming of all the CCTV cameras installed in your home and ensure the wellbeing of your family.

3. Comfort & Convenience For A Relaxed You –

Do you remember when was the list time you forgot to switch off the fan before leaving the home or forgot to set the temperature and timer of the air conditioning system before going off to sleep? Recently, right? It happens quite often with all of us. Well, your intelligent home is intelligent for a reason. It has its own brain and with its smartness and connection with the motion sensors and climate control system, it automatically adjusts or switches off the appliances, enhancing your level of comfort and convenience.

While the world is increasingly switching to smart living and a number of home automation solutions available in the market, Wipro’s Z-Nxt stands out of the clutter because of its customer-centric approach, futuristic features and easy & wire-free installation.

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